List of Cancer Types Cause By Cell Phones

There have been recent studies that link cell phone usage to an increased risk of brain cancer. A Finish scientist, Dariusz Leszczynski, recently commented that exposure to mobile radiation for 30 minutes a day for 10 years could cause serious cancer risks. The most common types of cancer which are being linked to cell phone usage include:

  • Glioma, 
  • Meningioma, 
  • Acoustic Neuroma, 
  • Anaplastic Astrocytoma  
  • Parotid Gland Tumor (PGT)

The FCC does require testing of all cell phones for radition.The FCC tests and requires all cell phone models to fall under a "Specific Absorption Rate". The legal limit for Specific Absorption Rate is 1.6 Kilograms. The question then is this legal limit enough to prevent cell phone cancer. Some assumptions are made that consumers always user holders to keep phone away from their skin and reduce risk of radiation, but obviously many users carry around cell phones directly in a pocket. And very few consumers are made away of the risk either having a cell phone in a pocket or holding a phone directly to an ear. In fact a city council in California is trying to pass a local laws that would require a sticker notifying consumers of cell phone cancer directly on the phone itself. An example of an SAR level in watts per kilogram is the new Iphone 6, which carries a 1.18 SAR level when held against one's head.

Cell Phone Brain Cancer Lawsuits

The discovery phase in the cell phone cancer litigation is scheduled to be begin soon. There have been reports of cell phone cancer lawsuits being filed in various courts all over the country. Plaintiff's are arguing that the cell phone industry knew about the possible cancer risk associated with cell phones. There are also arguments that there not sufficient warnings in the packaging and marketing of cell phones to make consumer aware of the dangers of cell phones. It has been reported that these early cell phone cancer lawsuits will be filed against the manufacturers of the cell phones themselves. World wide cell phone sales are in the billions and increasing every single year.

Cell Phone Cancer Lawyers

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