Cell Phone Cancer Class Action Lawsuit

There is no current Cell Phone Cancer Class Action. There have been reports of numerous Cell Phone Cancer Lawsuits being filed in courts all over the United States, but there is not a currently constructed Cancer Cell Phone Class Action Lawsuit. There have been numerous industry insiders that believe a Cell Phone Cancer Class Action could be possible in the future if enough cases are filed. The benefit of a class action is consolidating all the Cancer Cell Phone lawsuits into one place prevented multiple depositions and streamlining the discovery period. The discovery period however has moved forward and will be completed over the months and coming years. Plaintiffs argue that cell phone companies knew of these potiential risks of increased of cancer but downplayed the issue. In Washington a judge ruled that there is strong enough peer-reviewed science to merit going to trial. Follow this website for the latest information on a possible Cell Phone Cancer Class Action Lawsuit.

Cell Phone Cancer Lawyers

Brent Coon and Associates has Cell Phone Cancer law offices around the country. Brent Coon & Associates prides itself on being a public policy law firm. “Our first and foremost responsibility is to our clients and recovering the best possible settlement or verdict on their individual cases,” says BCA founder Brent Coon. BCA has won numerous awards including Litigation Department of the year for it's work in the BP Oil Spill litigation. They are no strangers to massive litigation, which what the Cell Phone Cancer litigation could turn into. They were also name a “Best Law Firm” by U.S. News & World Report.

Cell Phone Cancer Lawsuits

BCA has extensive experience in product liability lawsuits which now includes a new investigation into cell phone cancer litigation. The fators in Cell Phone Cancer legal claims and our Cell Phone Cancer lawyers will help to ensure you receive the maximum recovery the law allows, even if that means taking your fight to court. BCA has represented many victims of corporate negligence, as well as the families of cancer victims. Some of the Brent Coon and Associates clients have been awarded or settled for millions of dollars. If you have suffered from any type of cancer and believe it may have been caused by cell phone radiation, complete the form on the right and our Cell Phone Cancer Lawyers contact you regarding your potiential Cell Phone Cancer claim or contact us today at: 855-435-5839.


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